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2020-2021 Season Youth Symphony (YS) Audition Requirements:

SCALES – memorized

String Player:

All major and melodic minor, 3 octaves

120bpm per note, no vibrato, even rhythm

No Arpeggios

HARP: All major scales and their natural minors, 2 octaves

Woodwind & Brass Player:

All Major and Melodic Minor, 2 octaves when possible

Performed in SIXTEEN notes at the minimum tempo of quarter note = 60

Chromatic scale covering full range of instrument


Unaccompanied solo work or movement of a sonata or concerto of student’s choice.  Include both fast and slow passages and show advanced techniques.  Student will be stopped at judges’ discretion.



Should you feel the excerpts are above your abilities, please contact Todd Betz ASAP to arrange for a different group first preference.  Youth Symphony would no longer be your first preference.  Please be aware that this may change the time of your audition.  Please do NOT wait until the last minute!

Click on the instrument for the part and then check next to the download for the specific excerpts to prepare:

Violin – 2 excerpts – Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique

  1. Movement I: Beginning to [2]
  2. Movement I: measure after [4] to [5]

Viola – Tchaik., Symphony No. 6

  1. Movement I: mm. 19-79

Cello – Smetana, Bartered Bride

  1. Overture: Beginning to 5 measures after [A]

Bass – Berlioz, Symphonie Fanatastique

  1. Movement III: mm. 83-111

Flute – Debussy, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

  1. Beginning to [3]

Oboe – 2 Excerpts – Strauss, Don Juan

  1. 3 measures after [L] to 2 measures after [N]
  2. 5 measures before [I] to [K]

Clarinet in A – 2 excerpts – Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6

  1. Movement I: mm. 54-80
  2. Movement I: mm. 106-129

Bassoon – Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique

  1. Movement IV: 2 measures before [52] to [53]

Horn – 2 Excerpts – Strauss, Don Juan

  1. Strauss – Horn 1 – 17 measures before [O] to [P]
  2. Mahler – Horn 4 in F – Movement III: 3 measures after [13] to [15]

Trumpet (cornet) – Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique

  1. Cornet – Movement II: 7 before 31-35

Trombone – 2 excerpts – Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique and Schumann No.3

  1. Schumann -Trombone 1 –  Movement IV: mm 1-23
  2. Berlioz – Trombone 1 – Movement V: 5 measures after [85] to end

Tuba – Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique

  1. Movement IV: [56] to 3 measures after [58]
CLICK HERE to download and print the Youth Symphony excerpt list for 2020-2021 Auditions.


The audition will end with short sight-reading passage provided by the conductor.

Don’t neglect practicing sight reading pieces you are unfamiliar with to help prepare for this part of the audition.

Best of luck in your preparation, always start slow and work with a metronome!!

QUESTIONS? Contact: Todd Betz  [email protected]