Music Memory is a cultural enrichment program designed to enhance understanding and appreciation of symphonic music. It is designed primarily for grades three to six, and it is open to all schools in Maricopa County, public and private.

Each year the pieces to be studied are selected by the Music Memory Committee and the director of the Phoenix Youth Symphony. Listening guides are written, and early in the school year are made available to each student for classroom study. Each teacher is provided with additional instructional materials online. The 2020 playlist will be posted on the Music Memory Student Page.

On (2021 date to be announced) students will attend a concert of the studied pieces. This concert will be performed by the Phoenix Youth Symphony, at North Phoenix Baptist Church, under the direction of Matthew Kasper.

In recent years students in Yavapai, Apache, and Navajo counties have participated. For many students this will be their first experience attending a classical symphony concert. Certificates are awarded to each participant.

Ardith Shelley, former Fine Arts Supervisor for the Madison School District, was instrumental in the development of the Music Memory Program. She served as its chairperson for twenty-one years. This will be the 61st year of the Music Memory Program. Music Memory would not be possible without the funding provided by the William L. and Ruth T. Pendleton Memorial Fund. Since 1987 they have been our sole supporters.


CLICK HERE to watch Arizona Morning Fox 10 News at Music Memory on February 4, 2020.


Registration form for 2021 will be posted soon.