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Phoenix Youth Symphony 2019-20 Handbook

The PYS Handbook contains the policies, procedures and information for the 2019-2020 Season.

Download and save the handbook to their computers, phones and smart devices:

PYS Handbook 2019-2020

Please download, print, sign and return the following acknowledgement form to your Ensemble Committee by Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

Handbook Acknowledgement Form

School Confirmation 2019-2020


10/22 and 10/23/2019:

  • Fall All-Ensembles Tickets on sale. Tickets on sale now: are $15 adult and $5 student.
    Please note: There are additional fees that apply for online or phone orders as well as delivery fees. Here are the fees regarding the tickets:
    Service Fees (Customer): No service fees will be charged to customers who buy their tickets at the Mesa Arts Center Box Office.. Customers who buy their tickets on-line, over the phone, by mail or fax will be charged as follows: $3.25 per ticket.
    Delivery Fees (Customer): No delivery fee will be charged to customers who buy their tickets at the Mesa Arts Center Box Office or print their tickets at home. Delivery Fees are $2.50 per order for tickets to be picked up at will-call and $3.00 per order for tickets to be mailed to the patron.
  • All-Ensembles Concert Day Schedule Oct. 27, 2019 – Mesa Arts Center

    BE SURE TO COME IN CONCERT DRESS PLEASE. Please eat before arriving. You may want to bring a snack.
    Percussion please arrive by 11:00 am to set up equipment on stage.

Phoenix Youth Symphony:

11:20 am – Sign-In and leave instrument cases** on tables designated for YS, warm up in upstairs dressing room
11:50 am -12:20 pm – Rehearse on stage

Percussion Ensemble:

12:20-12:40 pm – Rehearse on stage

Symphonette Orchestra:

12:15 pm – Sign-In and leave instrument cases** on tables designated for SYM, warm up in upstairs dressing room
12:45-1:10 pm – Rehearse on stage.


12:50 pm – Sign-In and leave instrument cases** in your assigned room (Musician Warm-up Room)
1:20-1:40 pm– Rehearse on stage.

Symphonic Winds:

1:15 pm. – Sign-In and leave instrument cases** in your assigned room (Green Room)
1:45-2:05 pm – Rehearse on stage.

Prelude Strings:

1:40 pm – Sign-In and leave instrument cases** in your assigned room (Musician Warm-up Room, same as SO)
2:10-2:30 pm– Rehearse on stage.

** Cello, Tuba and Bass cases can be left back stage in the designated taped off area.

  • Youth Symphony Fall Concert Tickets available. Tickets on sale.
    November 3, 2019 Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts 3:00 pm
    Guest artist – Marcy Rosen – cello are $20 adult and $5 student.  Tickets are Assigned Seating. Choose your best seats now.
    Please note: Convenience fees may apply for online or phone orders. No such fees apply for purchase at the Scottsdale box office


  • If you have not turned in your Rehearse-a-thon pledges, please do so at next rehearsal.
    • YS, SYM and SW Extended – All monies are to be turned in at rehearsal This Wednesday, DUE NOW.
    • SO, PS All monies are to be turned in at rehearsal on October 29 and 30th
    • Please help with our only student driven fundraiser. We ask for your effort in this fundraiser. Linked is the Rehearse-a-thon Pledge Sheet if you lost yours from rehearsal. Please help reach out to people outside your immediate family to donate to PYS.
    • Prizes – We will have a drawing for two winners of gift cars for you to spend on yourself. Each student that raises $100 will receive a ticket entry/ You will receive an additional ticket entry for each additional $50 raised.
    • StrategiesShare, Share, Share– Share your fundraiser with family and friends all over the country on facebook, twitter, text, Snapchat and also email.
  • Young Musicians Competition Deadline Fast Approaching. Register now. The deadline is October 30, 2019. We encourage everyone to participate. Scholarship prizes for summer music camps. Grand Prize and Otranto winners will perform with the Phoenix Symphony at the Side By Side Concert on February 5, 2020. Please go to to register
  • Please remember to turn in Handbook Acknowledgement, School Confirmation and Consent Forms to your committee. Copies of the forms can be found on your ensemble page.

October 22 and 23:

Prelude Strings for 10/22/19:

Concert Run Through:

Spot check all three pieces.

Focus on dynamics in each piece, measuring the last three to five measures to practice looking up. Memorize the first measure to make sure you are looking up for the tempo.

1. Gypsy tale – clean up the right notes, focus on sticky sounding bow strokes and make each note sound clear. Speer are the quarter notes. Practice using less Weight for piano dynamics. Practice increasing press for any crescendos. We clean up different spots. Practice with a metronome at 100 bpm.

2. Haunted carousel- work on separated and clean quarter notes. Third violins work on extended high third fingers. Work on less weight and softer pianos. Memorize the beginning and first violins memorize measure five and the last measure to make sure you are watching for entrances and getting cut off.

3. Burst! – work on stronger crescendos by increasing bow speed and weight. Work on memorizing the first measure and last five measures to look up for entrances and cut offs. Work on dynamics and make the notes more articulate and clean.

Please make sure you have black dress dress socks, black dress socks (no white socks, plain black close toed shoes (no sneakers) and long bright white sleeved collared dress shirt, tucked in.

Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, your awesome behavior and for you being apart of this orchestra. This is your orchestra and you all make it so much and are so special. Continue being you and working so hard! It shows and I am so proud of each and every one of you!!

Have a restful weekend and see you all Tuesday!


Mr. Maurer

String Orchestra for 10/23/19:

Warm-up with scales. D Major, Bb Major, and a melodic minor.
Rehearse in concert order. Incantations, Norwegian Dance, Evil Eye.
Work on musicality and ensemble balance.
Symphonic Winds for 10/23/19:


Symphonette Orchestra for 10/23/19:


Youth Symphony for 10/23/19:


Percussion Members for 10/23/19  

  • 6:30 – 7:00 Percussion Ensemble
  • 7:00-7:30 Rehearse with SW
  • Break
  • After break to 8:15 Rehearsal with SYM
  • 8:15-9:15 Rehearse with YS


2019-2020 Full Season Schedule

2019-2020 Season Schedule

The Phoenix Symphony Classical Series 2019-2020

PYS members receive two free tickets to each classical concert.

Present PYS membership card at the box office on the day of the concert.

CLICK HERE for the schedule.

Monthly Fee Payments

Pay by check or cash at rehearsal.  Pay by credit card by logging onto your ensemble page.  A late fee will be added to all balances after January 31, 2020.  Students will unpaid balances after April 30 will NOT perform in the Season Finale.


Absence Form

Click here for attendance policy and absence request form

2019 Retreats

Youth Symphony strings – September 6-8, 2019 Prescott Pines
Youth Symphony winds  – September 7-8, 2019  Prescott Pines
Symphonette strings – September 6-8, 2019 Prescott Pines
Symphonette winds  – September 7-8, 2019  Prescott Pines
Symphonic Winds –  September 7-8, 2019  Prescott Pines
All Percussion September 7-8, 2019  Prescott Pines
String Orchestra  – September 28-29, 2019 Camp Friendly Pines


Your tax-deductible contribution is your strongest statement that you believe, as we do, in the value of these young musical ambassadors in our community and the future of classical music.