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Sight Reading

Every musician will be asked to Sightread at their audition. Don’t neglect practicing sight reading pieces you are unfamiliar with to help prepare for this part of the audition.

Best of luck in your preparation, always start slow and work with a metronome!!

Youth Symphony Sample Audition Excerpts
Should you feel the excerpts are above your abilities, please plan on auditioning for a different ensemble first preference. Youth Symphony would no longer be your first preference and you would also need to give her the name of the composer and name of the solo piece you will be playing for your change of audition.

REMEMBER:   These excerpts are SAMPLES.  The actual audition excerpts for 2019-2020 will be posted on the password protected page of the website on April 10, 2019.

Click on the instrument for a sample of a Youth Symphony excerpt:

YS Violin Sample Excerpt
YS Viola Sample Excerpt
YS Cello Sample Excerpt
YS Bass Sample Excerpt

YS Flute Sample Excerpt
YS Oboe Sample Excerpt
YS Clarinet Sample Excerpt
YS Bassoon Sample Excerpt

YS Horn Sample Excerpt
YS Trumpet Sample Excerpt
YS Trombone Sample Excerpt
YS Tuba Sample Excerpt

YS Percussion Excerpts  (all)
YS Perc Capriccio Espagno (tamburo)
YS Perc Colas Breugnon (xylophone)
YS Perc Romeo and Juliet (cymbal, bass drum)
YS Perc Symphonic Metamorphosis (timpani)